Log Burner Installation


I am a New Zealand Home Heating Qualified installer and member. I can assist you with all aspects of your log burner installation from the purchase of your new log burner, to council consents, removal of old log burner through to the completed installation of your new log burner and receiving the council code of compliance sign off.

Servicing, Repairs & parts


Anyone can buy a brush and perform a chimney sweep but it is what they miss through lack of knowledge and inexperience that can be the difference between a well performing safe log burner and an unsafe under performing log burner. We have replacement parts for all major log burner makes and models. We can supply the log burner part for you to fit yourself or we can sort the whole process for you


Sun Tunnels

Suntrenz products are designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. It’s no secret our sun is harsher than most, so we make sure to use materials that will withstand our harsh UV rays, while capturing maximum light



I am a New Zealand Home Heating Association Certified installer. I got into installing in 2011 after the earthquakes. With 1000's of  varied log burner installations and countless amounts of chimney sweeps and services under my belt.  I believe being a certified installer gives me and you an advantage with chimney sweeps and services as I know how the log burner should be, to and advice you on any repairs or parts that may be needed.

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Log Burner Services